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Slate: The Finest, Longest-Lasting Roofing Material

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Skyline Slate Roof Crews:

Special skills and specific equipment are required to restore these beautiful rock roofs to their original condition. This type of work requires artistry, along with the mechanical skill set required to create the world’s finest roofing system. Skyline Contractors Slate Roofing team has decades of experience in the installation process.

Slate Roof Overview

There’s no questioning the popularity of slate roofs, which have been prized for generations for their durability and natural beauty. A slate roof is made from natural stone that is cut into thin tiles of uniform thickness. Slate enhances the aesthetic design of a wide range of buildings by providing a wide range of natural slate colors and textures. It is an excellent choice for those seeking longevity and beauty in addition to energy efficiency, with Vermont Slate being the best available.

Slate Quality

Vermont slate offers the greatest performance of any slate on the market. Slate is a metamorphic rock that is composed of laminated stone— which enables it to be cut into slate tiles. In Vermont, the environment when the slate formed was favorable for the creation of some of the world’s toughest, densest slates. No other roofing product has a 100-year warranty* than slate, which comes with a 100-year guarantee.

Slate Roof Durability

The availability of advanced materials has resulted in the creation of new roofing system materials over the years, but slate remains the world’s longest-lasting roofing material. It is the benchmark by which all other roofing materials are judged.

Slate Roof Cost

The cost of a North American produced S-1 rated roofing slate is 3-10 times more expensive than asphalt shingles. The material is available in various colors and sizes and it contributes to the cost. Due to their simple working characteristics and the relative abundance of stones, sea green (semi-weathering gray/green) slates are usually one of the most economical. Unfading red is far more difficult to work with and relatively scarce. This results in unfading red slates ranging from 5-10 times the price of asphalt shingles. It is typically less costly to purchase a weathering or semi-weathering slate than an unfading one, although they will provide an identical lifespan.

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