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Skyline Contractors Specialty Roofs

We have crews that specifically focus on specialty roof types. With ties to decades spent with Chicago Unions, they have installed hundreds of each specialty roof type.

Our services include maintenance programs, repairs, roof replacements, and consultations.

We know that your roof is a prized part of your property, and we take the responsibility of working on it with the utmost respect. 

Experts you can trust

Skyline Contracts has crews that are experts in each specialty roof. 

Tile, copper, slate, and metal roofs all require special tools, craftsmanship, and knowledge to install. These roofs can last 50 to 100 years when installed properly. 

It’s our sole goal and focuses to leave you with a roof you can enjoy and not worry about for decades to come. 

There is nothing quite like the look of a brand-new tile roof. These specialty roofs have been around for centuries and continue to be used throughout the country for their beauty and longevity. 

Slate roofs are perhaps the oldest of all roof types still installed today. When installed properly and with S1 grade slate, the lifetimes of these roofs can be over 150 years. 

Arguably the most aesthetically appealing roof type, copper specialty roofs also offer longevity unmatched by almost any other specialty roof. Many believe slate and copper roofs are the longest lasting, with lifetimes over 100 years regularly documented. 

Skyline Contractors can also work with you to install copper accent work around your new slate roof as the two go hand-in-hand.

In many areas around the country, metal roofs have made the leap from commercial to residential. Standing Seam metal roofs offer strong wind resistance while also being easy on the eyes. 

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